busy busy busy!

Been working pretty hard at making a new ‘main’ preview to go on the site, which is much more visually detailed, fixes bugs and glitches that were in the first preview, and adds a few new mechanics and levels too. I’ve done pretty much everything for it but the new levels, thats a job starting today, heres a build of where it’s at right now: [> LINKY <]

stuff thats been added or changed since the first preview:

  • remade all levels
  • fixed camera problems (lots of them)
  • Added first person camera (‘R’ Key)
  • Put in robot character (‘=’ Key)
  • Drain fields (not in any of the levels of todays build, but are here)
  • Lasers
  • Rotating platforms
  • updated conveyor belt and ‘death floor’ textures
  • impact wave and cam shake when landing hard (doesn’t always work, I’m looking into it)
  • option for camera sensitivity in pause menu
  • made new shaders for various things
  • checkpoints indicate current checkpoint, and flash when recording new stuff
  • waaaay cooler doors
  • got rid of ‘progress bar’ on doors in favour of numbered displays nearby
  • added camera zoom (mouse wheel or gamepad triggers)
  • added mouse lock finally
  • other small fixes
  • edit:  also added a 2.5d type camera for some levels, (not in todays build levels either)

All in all I’ve been pretty busy! I’ll hopefully go into some of the more important things in more detail in other posts, but I have new levels to make, and thats way more fun than sitting here typing, so I’m off! Ciao!

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10 Responses to “busy busy busy!”

  1. pixcollective says:

    Hey pretty cool preview. the level select bit could really use a wall so you don’t fall off or at least let you die if you do fall off the edge. apart from that pretty tricky puzzles and pretty fun

    • Sophie says:

      lol yeah, the hub level is just for me, I’ll have a much nicer interface for it in the preview 🙂

  2. I’m loving this, it’s really coming along!

  3. James says:

    Robot character? Is that… Quote?

    • Sophie says:

      lol it looks that way I know!

      but its just what happens when you give someone with a cap some robot antennae!

      not that I’ll change it, cave story is kickass 😀

  4. Ezra says:

    Way cool!

    Found a bug: In the fifth level of today’s build, I can stand on the red exit field, by falling towards it.

  5. Ninjas says:

    This is great. It is fun just to play a 3D platformer– a genre too long neglected. The puzzles are awesome. I especially liked the 5th level. It was time to go to bed but I just had to hit that last switch.

    My only real question is how do I play as the robot? 🙂

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