Soph’s Bakery

Spent today learning how to get some radiosity type lighting working in blender and how to bake it for my levels’ lightmaps.

Plus, I also Started making and baking some new tiling textures, starting with the floor

If anyone wants I can go into more detail on what baking textures is and why I do it, but there are plenty of other places online saying that stuff and I dont think I have much original to add to the subject ^_^;

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2 Responses to “Soph’s Bakery”

  1. ILIANos says:

    Hey Sophie! =)

    Here in level 3, more exactly in your third picture above, the gap between the “tower” Sarah is standing on and the one at the right should be bigger in my opinion!

    I managed to just jump over instead of using the gravity way over the left (which might be the way you want the player to solve it? 😉 )

    • Sophie says:

      yeah, originally I had not intended to be able to just jump across there, but in the end I don’t mind that the player can so much, since there is still something to be gained from going around the side of the ‘tower’ 🙂

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